2016 Goals

Recently, I have been realizing how goal oriented I am. I am more likely to stick to a set goal for myself compared to if I do not. I decided to start 2016 off by writing my personal, academic, and blogging goals for the year!


1. Find time to do more yoga, drink more water, and take better care of my body.
Recently, I have been struggling to take care of my body. I used to be the type of girl who worked out two times a day 6 times a week. I was obsessed with working out. Now, I have began to become less obsessed with my health because I'm always focused on school work and other things. I am going to try to carry around my camelbak more, and to try to fit in workouts during the school week even if they are short.
2. Read the bible more in depth
Thanks to my intro to biblical literature class, I basically read the entire bible over the semester. However, it was more from a historical approach so I really want to do studies on specific parts of the bible.
3. Grow Deeper 
I really want to grow further in my relationship with God through more outreach and more service opportunities. I am a wyldlife leader and absolutely love the interaction with middle schoolers I get, and really want to work to further my relationship with the middle schoolers and God.
4. Read 30 books
I started a goodreads challenge to read 30 books this year. Hopefully, I can accomplish this goal! I am super good at staying updated with my reading throughout breaks but as soon as the school year starts I am a complete mess!
5. Develop better Time Management 
I have to admit that I definitely struggle at times with time management and not feeling like a ball of stress. I think that my class schedule this year should definitely alleviate some of the stress I feel but hopefully I can learn to plan my day and map my time out better.


1. Boost my GPA
This is something that is difficult to talk about on social media, but I have a 2.0 GPA after this semester. It was my first semester but I know I could have done so much better during this time. I was trying to adjust to college and get my footing. I really would like to have A's and B's this semester and hopefully I can accomplish this.
2. Go to Class..
One of the many things I struggled with last semester was actually attending my classes. I had a 9 AM class MWF that was almost impossible to go to. Next semester, I have a night class Monday and Wednesdays and my classes on Tues & Thurs do not start until 10 AM. I basically have no excuse not to go to my classes.
3. Stay more organized
This kind of goes with my time management goal. I have such a hard time trying to get organized and stay organized. Hopefully, I can use my planner more to plan out my week and help myself know exactly what I have to do each day.


1. Blog More!
My number one goal for 2016 is to become more dedicated to my blog and to further my blog as well.
2. Blog more interesting content
I really want to add more content that pertains towards me and my life. I love posting styling posts, but I also want to post more book reviews as well as personal blogs!
3. Get partnered more!
I have worked with some amazing companies, but I really want to get more involved with companies and sponsors! It will help my blog gain more attraction and also help me further my blogging experience.
4. Get better with photoshop and HTML
This is a big one.. It's extremely hard to learn some of the coding and even photoshop, but I am going to push through it!