Prom Dress Donation 101

For those of you in high school, prom season is one of the most exciting and stressful times. You constantly wonder when you're going to get asked to prom, who is going to ask you, and what dress you are going to wear. For those who are fortunate enough, we had parents who gladly took us shopping to find the perfect dresses and gave us very generous spending limits. Unfortunately for some people, they do not get the same option. Many girls struggle with finding prom dresses and formal wear that fits their budget. Recently, I have seen an outpour of girls on social media trying to sell their dresses (and there is nothing wrong with that) however there are SO many more things you can do with your prom dresses than just selling them! Today I wanted to talk about all of the options you have.

1. The first option is the easiest, and it is to keep your dress! For girls who are looking to join sororities in college, you get to attend your sororities formal. Lots of girls swap old prom dresses, and no one ever notices you are re-wearing each others old dresses from high school. It's such an easy way to save yourself money and still look stylish for formal.

2. The second option is to call your local high school or the high school that is close to your college. For me, my college is surrounded by a town thats lower income. The high schools are in great need of donations. Deland High School is the one closest to me and they even had a prom dress donation drive. If you can't find any information on the high schools website about donation, just pick up a phone and call them! Guidance counselors are usually the best people to get a hold of because they usually know what students need these items or they can refer you to a local place that is in need of old prom dresses!

3. The third option takes a little more effort but is still definitely do-able. I found this website when I was searching around on google. It's called the Princess Project. ( That is the link to information on donation. Of course, they are located in California however they allow you to mail in any old prom dresses you may use and they even give you a $25 voucher for Weddington Way. I think that this is a great option for anyone. You literally just have to pack your dress up and send it off. (P.S make sure you get any dresses dry cleaned before sending them!)

4. The fourth option I found is definitely my favorite and requires a lot more effort. For anyone who is really passionate at their high school about helping the less fortunate get prom dresses, this is a fantastic option. I found a website called Becca's Closet. Basically, a girl named Rebecca started a program at her school to give dresses to those who could not afford them. She unfortunately passed away from an automobile accident, however her passion lives on through Becca's Closet. This was started in Davie, Florida and they have chapters all around the United States. You can look on this website for a local chapter near you or you can even start one at your high school (which will also look killer on a college resume, just sayin'). The link is and the link for starting a chapter is!

I hope this helped anyone who is struggling with what to do with their prom dress! Of course it's your decision in the long run, but I hope this helps anyone who is interested in donating and doesn't know where to begin. If you need anymore help, feel free to contact me at and I will help you find somewhere to donate!