Walt Disney World Tips + Tricks

Hi lovelies!

As most of you know, I currently live in Florida and I also have an annual pass to Disney. I have probably been to Disney World around 20 times in the past two years and I have picked up a lot of different 'tricks' on how to navigate the parks and make sure you get the full experience. I know the first time you go to Disney it can be extremely overwhelming, so I compiled a list of all my favorite tips for y'all!

1. Free Water
I have watched tourists pay the outrageous $3-$5 for a water bottle and wanted to jump in and save them. Don't pay for your water! I bring a Camelbak water bottle and every time I run out of water I go to a quick service stand and ask for a cup of water. There is usually a quick service stand in every area of the park and they will give you a cup of water. This has saved me so much money considering I probably go through at least 6 cups while I'm at Disney in the summer months.

2. Cell Phone Charging
If you're anything like me, you literally photograph the entire park and rely on your phone for the Disney App and all the fast pass information. There are different restaraunts throughout the park that have outlets, but I have found that Gaston's Tavern has the most charging areas. My friend Maddie and I literally took a 30 minute break there to drink water and charge our phones which made the whole day so much more bearable in the heat.

3. Empty Park 
Have you ever seen pictures of an empty park in the early morning hours? These weren't just from staff. If you make the earliest breakfast reservation in the mornings you will be allowed to go into the park a little early and can snap away photos of the sunrise peeking through the castle.

4. Birthday 
I went to the park with my friend Maddie on her birthday. She wore her birthday pin she received from one of the cast members and different places actually gave her free gifts. Gaston's Tavern had given her a free Lefou's Brew and different quick service stands gave her free soft drinks and little food items. In most instances, she was already going up to pay for these items when they looked at her pin and decided to give it to her for free.

5. Monorail/Departing Park
This is probably where I have the most 'tips'. My biggest tip is that you do not have to take the monorail! There is a ferry that will take you to Magic Kingdom + Epcot as well as a bus. I love the monorail as much as everyone else, but sometimes I don't love the wait. These two are great options that not many people realize.
Going off the topic of monorails, have you ever seen the line for the monorail back to the parking at Magic Kingdom? After the fireworks, most families sprint to the monorail. However, not many people realize that the monorail that says "To Resorts" actually goes to the main entrance. I have saved myself around 30 minutes by taking the resort monorail.
If you ever get stuck in a crowd trying to push out of the park, go through the gift shops. All of the gift shops on Main Street USA are connected. You can walk through all of them and save time as well.

6. Lines/Fast Passes
The lines at Disney can usually be outrageous. However, there are ways to avoid them. The first trick is that the lines are usually the fastest around 12-1 and 5-6. This is because families with younger children typically stick to the same times for lunch and dinner. You will be able to get more rides in at this time!
Before you arrive at the park, you can select three fast passes. My plan is always to grab the 3 earliest fast passes. You can also create fast passes up to a month (I believe) before your arrival date. After I use all of my fast passes, I go on the My Disney Experience app and am able to add one more at a time. You can do this as soon as you scan your last fast pass, so I usually create another one while I'm waiting for my ride to start. I have been able to hit almost every ride in a day this way without waiting more than 15 minutes each time.

7. Fireworks
The fireworks show at Disney is one of my absolutely favorite parts of my experience. I love watching the fireworks illuminate the castle. However, I realize that getting a good spot to have the best view can be challenging. After the first few times of watching the show, I ended up deciding to try something different. I made fast passes for Jungle Cruise during the time of the fireworks and had the best experience. If you plan it out well enough, you will be able to watch the fireworks from Jungle Cruise. Also, I believe you can see the fireworks from the magic carpet ride as well.

These are the majority of the tips I have for now. This was more focused on Magic Kingdom, but it applies to the other parks as well. I am thinking about making food/show/ride recommendations for each park so you can all know where to focus on/what to try!

Have a magical day!