Nashville Travel Diary

Recently I traveled to Tennessee to visit family and have a mini vacation with my mom. We were only two and a half hours away from Nashville, so my mom and I decided we were going to take a day trip. I hadn't been to Nashville in years and neither did she. Before I went, I texted my friend Ashley (she goes to Belmont) to put together a list of places I had to stop at. I went off her list and a couple of other places I found through Instagram.

When we got there, it was only about 10 AM since we had traveled into a different time zone. The first place we stopped at was Frothy Monkey on 12 South. I had heard about this coffee shop from Alex and Michael on Youtube and had to check it out. I was hoping I would spot some youtubers in there, but I never did. I got a (basic) vanilla latte but it was seriously so good.

 The next place we went to was Draper James. It was also a short walk down from Frothy Monkey. The best part was the fact that they offer you sweet tea when you walk in. They had a lot of cute accessories. The clothes were a little too different for my taste but they had the cutest things! We also stopped to take photos on the side of the store with their mural. Luckily for me, the I believe in Nashville mural was right across the street!

 Next stop was Sprinkles! I was so excited to eat the cupcake I got I totally forgot to photograph it, but here is a picture of me looking very confused on how this works!

After this, we stopped for lunch at Bar Taco. I didn't take any pictures that I liked enough to post, but this was probably the worst place we went to on the trip. I would definitely try it again next time we go, but the people who were serving us were very rude especially when we told them we had never been there. This was strange because most people try to make tourists happy, but I guess not here!

Since I had literally ate one taco and some chips, I was still hungry. We stopped by Five Daughters and I got one of their famous 100 layer donuts. I got the strawberry lemonade, and it was seriously amazing! The girls in here were so nice and made up for our lunch experience.

On our way back to the car, we stopped by a vintage shop. It was actually really cool, but I am not kidding when I say the cheapest thing in there was a t-shirt with the Looney Tunes characters on it!

We went shopping at the Gulch after this, and both got stuff from this boutique! I got a shirt and some of their jewelry while my mom opted for more of their jewelry. We also stopped at urban and two old hippies. Their urban was having a crazy sale so I got a few dresses and necklaces!

After we were done shopping and eating in Nashville, we headed over to Andrew Jackson's Hermitage. This was awesome for someone who is a history geek like me. It was such a great experience being able to tour where he and his family lived. I loved walking the grounds and seeing what it was like there.

After this, we headed back home! It was around 10 or 11 PM when we got home and I don't think I've ever been so tired. My trip to Nashville was seriously amazing and I could see myself living there in the near future.