HOW TO STUDY THE BIBLE, What Bible Studies I use + Free Printable!

Hi guys!

So before I start this post, I want to tell you guys to go make yourself a cup of coffee and get into a comfortable space! I am going to be sharing today how I study the bible, the various books and studies I use, and also providing you guys with a free PRINTABLE so you can apply this to your bible studying! I am going to walk you through my routine of studying the bible and also give you some tips + tricks on how to stay engaged and avoid bible reading becoming a chore! This is the one time we get with our Creator and it should not become something that feels like it has to be done.

Before I start, I am going to tell you guys the upfront and honest truth:

1. I don't do an in-depth bible study everyday. (Gasps!)
I'm a normal girl who is simply trying to live more like Jesus. I am human. 

2. I do my in-depth bible studying in the night....
This is where people are going to start reading my page thinking, "wait, but I thought everyone was supposed to wake up early and do yoga and read their bible." False. I wake up and read a verse from an app (that I will discuss) but I don't go full in-depth. I save my Jesus time for before bed.

Alright, so now that those two points are discussed, it's onto my daily routine of bible studying!

7-8 AM: I pretty much wake up everyday around this time. I either have work, or I have a 10 AM class. The first thing I do is check social media, then I click on my YouVersion Bible App. I read the verse of the day, and if I have enough time I read the full chapter. 

Yup, that's it for my morning bible reading. Around 12 hours and a lot of coffee later, I usually am ready to sit at my desk and read my bible. 

This is the bible I use:

True Images NIV

I like it because it includes stories of girls just like me in it, and it hi lights key points for me.

So currently, I am re-reading this book. It is going through the book of Romans and the author is seriously amazing and has such a fluent way of speaking. I usually go through a chapter and the guided exercises. However, when I am not reading a certain book I will usually follow a Pinterest suggested study and create my own application for it. I'm attaching my guide that I use right here so that way you guys can use it too! I'm also going to link a few different bible studies on pinterest that are a good starting place.

Bible Studies:
No fear Bible Study:
30 Days for New Christians:
10 Virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman:

Just right click and download! If you print it and use my study, make sure to tag me @centralfloridabelle on instagram so I can see!

This is essentially my perfect way to study the bible, but most the time I try to write everything in a journal following the similar method above! This is the journal I just bought and I am loving it so far because it is spiral bound! I write a little too big and I like being able to have the whole page and not have to bend it with a journal that doesn't have the spirals!

If you guys are looking for other bible study books, I rounded up a few that I have used in the past. My favorite is this one. It is by Annie F. Downs and I swear by it. For any girls that have trouble using their words for good (this girl right here), this book is amazing and gives you a new perspective on how to make your words MATTER. I love Annie F. Downs and this book was my favorite I've ever read.

This post was a little different than my usual fashion posts, but I hope it helped it gave you all a starting point for studying the bible and getting to know Jesus better! If you have any questions, comment here or DM me on Instagram!

If you guys haven't subscribed to my youtube channel, this is the link. :) I am going to be getting on a schedule and hopefully uploading blog posts every Monday and Youtube videos every Wednesday! 

Have a good day y'all, and thanks for reading!