2017 GOALS

Hi guys!

I'm only 11 days late on this, but I've finally gotten a feel for 2017 and have realized the goals I would love to achieve this year.

1. Become more Present
This is my last semester of under grad (wait, what?!) and I want to make the best of it. I want to soak in the knowledge I will be learning because returning to school for graduate studies has become less of my goal through time has went on. This very well could be my last time ever in formal education and I want to be present and soak everything in.

2. Get A's!
Getting an A in all my classes during my last semester at Stetson would basically leave me feeling confident in my studies. I want to go out with a bang this semester!

3. Find a Full Time Job
This one is one idea thats scaring me thoroughly. Finding a job after graduation seems almost impossible, and I am nervous to start the long process of finding a job! However, if anyone knows anyone hiring for a Paralegal position, I wouldn't be opposed to you messaging me....

4. Read 25 Books
No more college means I actually have time to read, right?

5. Finish writing my Novel
Surprise, I'm writing a book! I don't want to spoil too much, but hopefully I finish it this year without becoming discouraged. I will give a spoiler alert that it is about mermaids and an underwater kingdom (nothing like Ariel even if it sounds similar). It's probably more of a Young Adult high fantasy novel, but it could change into Adult if the romance I have in it gets too mature.

6. Move to Orlando
It's finally time for me to stop driving to Orlando every free chance I get and actually move there. Orlando has felt like home for a while now and I want to finally commit to being there permanently. This goes hand in hand with goal 3 (Find a Full Time Job).

I may update this mid-year, so look forward to a post in June or July from me after I graduate with how some of these goals have gone!

Have a healthy and happy 2017,