feminism + change

I wasn't a feminist a year ago.

a year ago- I looked at the girls fighting for rights I thought they already had and was utterly confused. I considered myself a republican and was pretty conservative.

not today.

when the election started to pick up last summer, I realized everything these women were fighting for.  these girls are not just fighting for basic human rights, they are fighting to be heard. the voice of women is consistently under represented in positions of authority and within the smallest of companies and situations.

I wish I could paint a picture of the way I felt towards feminism a year ago compared to today. I saw feminism as red, deep, and angry. I thought feminism was absolutely ridiculous and unneeded in our country. I paraded around the idea that I was a "global" feminist. I see feminism now as a restless voice consistently telling society that we are enough and we deserve to be heard. I see feminism as white and pure. Feminism is something that isn't just for us. It's for our future children and our significant others and for our parents and for the girls across the globe fighting to be heard. feminism is an all encompassing notion that women are to be equal in every way.

I have changed a lot in the past year. attending college managed to build my ideas up and break them down over and over until I developed a consistent mindset of my ideas and beliefs. My ideas will probably change and develop more as I grow up and the political climate (hopefully) changes. but I felt that this blog post was due to those girls I made fun of for labeling themselves a feminist and for speaking out. thank you for having a voice and sharing your opinion through social media and through classes we had together. your opinions didn't settle with me before- but they do now.