Nordstrom sale finds you probably haven't seen!

If you are like me, you have been scrolling through instagram rolling your eyes everytime you see the same cardigan, jeans, and booties. So I decided to do something a little different and put together a complete list of Nordstrom Sale goodies that you NEED! A lot of these items are not being hyped up as much as they should be, and almost all are below $50 and budget friendly.

1. Nike Tempo Shorts: The N-Sale has black nike shorts for $22? HECK yeah it does. And all the sizes are still in stock!

2. The worlds comfiest Nike sweat pants. Seriously, why arent these on every bloggers N-Sale roundup!?

3. Nike Tank Top. I have this in 2 colors and it's only $33 which is a steal. The quality is SO similar to  Lululemon and I love it!

4. pH adjusting lip colors! Okay so this isn't on the nsale currently but a trio of these lip sticks were and sold out (sad face) but this lip stick changes based on your skins PH level!

5. O'Neill Dresses. This dress comes in 3 colors and is under $35. I absolutely love the fit! It is so SO flattering.

6. Lush dress. This dress comes in 6 different styles/colors and is perfect for business casual outfits. I love these dresses because you can throw a cardigan over it and it is instantly perfect to wear for work!

7. Dry-bar set. This is probably the most expensive item on my list of must-haves but this is an INCREDIBLE deal. All the products are drybar and it has a flat iron and full sized products for $150. Drybar products are my absolute favorite and I love that Nordstrom has this on sale right now!

8. Essential Oil Diffuser! Finally, this essential oil diffuser is only $25 and is a perfect size! I am going to make a post soon discussing my top favorite blends and how I use my essential oils, but for now just trust me on this and order this diffuser!

Happy shopping!