internship tips

this summer, I got the chance to have my first internship! I am used to working part time jobs in retail and hospitality, so this gave me a chance to get my first business world experience and develop professional and relevant skills. I learned a lot (!!) and think that most of these could apply regardless of the field.

1. keep your talks professional.
if you wouldn't say it to your grandma, it's not appropriate for your co-workers to hear. I really don't care how drunk you were all weekend, save it for your friends outside of work.

at the end of my internship, I wrote thank you notes to the HR staff and the mentors I had. Not only is it a good way to show how appreciative you are for all the help you got, but it is good to get practice in for all the occasions you will need to write thank you notes during your personal and professional career. I also suggest you get personal, minimalistic stationary. I have linked my favorite ones here and here.

3. over dress the first day.
"you can never be overdressed or over educated" should be your motto throughout your internship. however, you should make sure you are particularly over dressed the first day to get a feel for the office atmosphere and dress.

4. invest in a notebook.
for my internship, I was constantly learning new programs and verbiage for different projects. it makes it SO much easier on you and your mentors/bosses when you don't have to ask the same question a thousand times. write everything down. this includes passwords, links, and steps you may need. you look much more professional and invested in your internship when you are organized and know what you are doing.

5. meal prep.
this is a more wellness based tip, but you really NEED to meal prep. not only do you get hungry throughout the day, but it makes it so much easier to have snacks and meals with you so you aren't running to the nearest wendy's or mcdonalds on your lunch break. I kept nuts on my desk as well to snack on when I got hungry!

I sincerely hope these tips helped whether you are entering your internship or in the middle of one! having a positive attitude and being teachable are two important skills that will make you appealable to employers!