What I eat in a day: Weight Watchers edition!

Hi guys!

As a lot of you know, I've had some serious eating issues in my life. It's safe to say I haven't been the healthiest. I've battled an eating disorder from middle school until my junior year of high school, and then I went to college where I thought I could eat anything and not workout/exercise. Flash forward to now (post-grad), I have been working out 4-5 days a week and getting my exercise regimen back on track. I lift weights again and I eat fairly healthy. I had a 6 month long streak of being vegetarian, but I wasn't doing it to a healthy extent and could feel myself falling into eating disorder patterns again so I decided to stop.

Last year, I did weight watchers and lost about 6-7 pounds in 3 weeks. I got off track but it has been the only thing that has ever worked for me! I recently got back on it and I want to share what I eat per day! This isn't an everyday thing, but this is what an average day looks like for me!

Weight Watchers Points per day: 30

Banana (0 pts)
Some form of an egg (2 points)
English Muffin (3 points)
French Vanilla coffeemate creamer (4 points for 2 and a half table spoons)
Breakfast total: 8

Salad with lettuce, cucumber and onion (0 points)
Oil and vinegar dressing (usually 2-3 points)
Lunch total: 3

Chicken Breast, boneless skinless grilled (5 points for 8 ounces)
Broccoli or Zucchini (0 points)
Rice - 1 Cup (6 points)
Dinner total: 11

Part skim mozzarella stick (2 pts)
Skinny Pop popcorn - 2 cups (3 points)

Total: 26

Usually I leave a couple extra points to spare because I'm not the best at measuring portions and want it to be as accurate as possible! Or if I want some halo top for dessert!

I plan on discussing my workout routine/what I do at the gym on my blog in the upcoming weeks as well. 

P.S: in no way am I a nutritionist or fully educated in the subject of health, I have learned throughout the years of playing sports and going through therapy for an eating disorder what my body personally works the best with and responds to in a positive matter. Weight Watchers is the best for me because it isn't based off calories. This is just what works for my body! :)