Gift Guide: Fantasy Sports/Sports Obsessed Boyfriend

12 days until Christmas!

I am so excited to share with you guys today my gift guide for the Sports and Fantasy Sports obsessed boyfriend. I know my boyfriend is

Flint Tropics Jersey: If your boyfriend has watched Semi Pro, he will literally adore this!

Fantasy Sports Medal/Trophy: If your boyfriend and his friends are all in a league together, getting them a trophy they can pass around from year to year with their league name on it is the best gift in my opinion!

Actual Game Tickets: Getting your boyfriend sports tickets is a gift that works out for both of you. My boyfriend is obsessed with the Dallas Cowboys, so I got him tickets to see them for his college graduation. Luckily, we live in Florida so I made an entire mini vacation out of it. It's honestly the best of both worlds! If his favorite team doesn't play close to you, look for a good game that is local. Football, Basketball, Baseball or even Hockey tickets make a great and memorable gift.

Respect the Commish T-Shirt: If your boyfriend is commissioner of his league, he will definitely get a kick out of this t-shirt!

Player Fat Heads: I wouldn't advise getting this if you guys live together, because the last thing I would want in my bedroom is a football player staring at me. But if he lives in a dorm or apartment with his friends, get him a huge wall decal of his favorite player!

NFL Sunday Ticket/MLB TV:This doesn't need much explanation. Getting to watch every single game without having to pay for it or leave the comfort of his couch is every man's dream! Tip: If you don't wanna spend as much, split it with your boyfriend's friends. Then they all have access and you can stream on multiple accounts!