Best of 2017

This is my favorite post to do every year. I love sharing pictures of my life from the year and some of my favorite memories!

Last Disney trip with Becca before she left for her DCP in California! Sad faces are due to the fact we didn't hit Galactic Hero.

Eating with Becca in our favorite place (Peco's Bill)! I tried to give a cast member her Instagram because he was flirting but it turns out he wasn't very nice.

Passholder Preview for Pandora at DAK! 

Playlist live!

Met Danielle Carolan and Kenzie Elizabeth!

Meeting Carrie Rad!

Graduated with my bachelor's degree from Stetson!

Chris graduated with his bachelor's degree from UCF!

How a Floridian prepares for a hurricane.

Updating my family in TN after the hurricane that I was in fact alive.

Food and Wine!

Got my first tattoo on Friday the 13th! It's R2d2.

Showing off the tat.

Dallas Trip!

Dallas Aquarium

Eating near SMU in Dallas before getting to watch UCF play!

My Cowboys obsessed boyfriends first trip to AT&T Stadium!

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and this was my face when I walked into Hogsmeade for the first time EVER.

One of my WYLDLIFE girls became a Capernum leader!