Best of 2018 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Happy Festival season, y'all!

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My all time favorite festival is Flower and Garden at Epcot. I love food and wine and the new Festival of the Arts, but nothing compares to Flower and Garden!

It started up again last week and goes on until May 28th. I have gone twice already (and am planning many more trips already), but wanted to get this post up so everyone planning their visit knows exactly what to get in advance!

For anyone’s first visit, I would highly suggest planning two days for the festival. It’s so hard to do everything at Epcot in a day! My other biggest tip is to stay at an Epcot resort. We usually stay there for a weekend during the festival and it makes it so much more convenient. 

Epcot Resorts include:

Swan and Dolphin Hotel
Beach and Yacht Club 

I’ve stayed at all three and I have to say that the Beach and Yacht club is by far my favorite! It’s a short walk to the park, plus when you stay at an Epcot resort you get access to a separate entrance into the world showcase. The entrance from the resort area brings you straight into the UK Pavillion or the France Pavilion. Starting off at France is usually the best in my opinion because you can grab a pastry and a mimosa from Les Halles Boulangerie!

After this, you can continue walking around the showcase and will be met with a plethora of beautiful topiaries and yummy food. 

Here are some of my recommendations:
The French Pavilion stand has an AMAZING Tarte à la Tomate Provençale, a macaron pop, and a frose! You can easily drink the frose and eat the pop by yourself, but the tart can definitely be shared with someone! The Beauty and the Beast topiary is also located here. 

The Florida Fresh Stand in between France and Morocco has amazing food this year! The best is their carne. 

As always, Germany slays the game with a bunch of potato and cheese-y items. 

Potato Pancake

I wasn’t impressed with Morocco or Italy this year :( I also think Italy’s stand was a little overpriced for what it was. 

When you enter from the main Epcot entrance, you usually end up right where the Violet Lemonade is located as soon as you enter the showcase. Locate the butterflies and the flowers, and then look to your right. It’s a stand with a whole lot of pineapples.Obviously, the Violet Lemonade is my #1 item to try. I’ve drank about 5 in the two days I went there….

Canada’s Northern Bloom stand has two amazing food items! Chris and I both got different ones and tried eachothers. I recommend the beef tips over the scallops though. 

These were definitely all my favorites from this year! The one stand I haven’t tried yet (that’s on my list) is the Honey Bee-Stro! 

As for other activities/good information to know:

If you’re a passholder searching for the free exclusive magnet, it is located near Club Cool. There’s a hallway right next to it and you can get to it from there. Just make sure you have your ID and a magic band saying you are a passholder!
Near Mouse Gear, there is a bunch of colorful trash cans. Cast members are outside giving you the chance to paint one to beautify the streets of Orlando!
Photo Pass Opportunities - There’s an exclusive Orange Bird magic shot this year! 

I hope this helped anyone visiting Epcot for the first time or someone who is a seasoned World Traveler. I am going to do a couple outfit posts in the near future on what to wear to Flower and Garden :)